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we are middleton church of the nazarene.

We asked the question: "What does growing the church really look like?" Church Growth is our first priority at FillmyCup.Church -- we desire to see the church across our city, through our country, and over the whole world GROW! Christ left this world with these words, "Go. Make disciples of the nations." Of course, this then brought up the next question: "How?" We do not pretend to have the answer, and we find no fault in the work and deeds of others, but we wanted to be different. What we wanted was "To Make a Difference." At FillmyCup.Church we have set aside barriers to visitors and our guests. We are not interested in how you look, we are not interested in what you wear, and it really doesn't matter what car you drive. We are interested in YOU. At FillmyCup.Church -- You are Always Welcome Here. So, how did we answer the question? Well, with this little prayer:

O Lord, would you fill my cup to overflowing, that I may pour into others the LOVE that comes from YOU.

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FillmyCup.Church - middleton church of the nazarene

Christmas Eve Service


9:30am Doughnuts, Coffee, & Fellowship
10:00am Prayer with Pastor Sara
10:30am Worship in Music and Song
11:00am Worship in Word and Scripture

Our Offering

100%Budget: $6,667
received: $9,838

Catalyst Gross Revenue

100%Budget: $22,333
Received: $26,774

Total Expenses and Payroll

100%Budget: $29,494
Paid: $30,504
YTD Offering
YTD Catalyst
YTD Expenses
YTD Net (Gain/Loss)
Cash On Hand
Cash Reserve


Kidz @ FmC

we are middleton church of the nazarene.

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Our Children at FmC join in family worship with adults and teens. It is essential to a growth in faith that children of every age participate in corporate worship with the family unit. Not only is this a time of unity that everyone participates in with their other loved ones, but it is an even greater opportunity to participate in union with thier savior. Following our worship in music and song, children are encouraged to join Kathie Shultz or Kelley Parrish, our FmC Kidz leaders, for a time of personalized worship and instruction from the WORD of GOD.

50's July 4th Parade
By the River Lookin' Pretty
It Ain't Christmas 'til the Little Ones Sing

Christmas Party
Look at What I found
Easter Eggs



we are middleton church of the nazarene.

OVERFLOW, includes our school age kids from the sixth grade through high school. These young people are also encouraged to join in family worship with the congregation at the beginning of each worship serivce. It is essential to the growth in faith that our young people participate in corporate worship with the family unit. Not only is this a time of unity that everyone participates in with their other loved ones, but it is an even greater opportunity to participate in union with thier savior. Following our worship in music and song, OVERFLOW participants are encouraged to join our Overflow Pastor, in the Overflow Room where they can listen to the Sunday Message Broadcaast. This provides the Overflow Pastor or the young participant to engage in further discussion or ask in-depth questions on the topic of the message, in a safe, and open environment designed to assist in deepening the faith of each participant.

Middle School Gossip
Show Us How to do it Again?
Another Fund Raiser
Clean-Up Asile 4 at the Food Pantry

Family Camp Fun
Snow Shoeing

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OVERFLOW continues through the week as well. Kids will meet at Pastor Wink and Pastor Sara's house on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS where a snack, sometimes an evening meal, is provided, as the kids study the word under the guidance of our Overflow Pastor. Study is essential, for a faith that is not founded in knowledge, crumbles quickly. However, there is also time for fun! Check out the pix of "Tractor Racing", Campfire Cooking, Games, and some Video Game Competition. This is a great time to get to know other families with kids in the same age group, as occasional family outings are planned for FillmyCup.Church. Parents are welcome to stay, and play and study together with the kids, or to drop-off and return for them in a couple of hours. The one BIG RULE is that PARENTS MUST RETURN FOR THEIR KIDS.


Ladies @ FmC

we are middleton church of the nazarene.

All of our ministeries are formed under the mission of equiping believers, gaining in knowledge and wisdom, and having fun! Our ladies, of all ages, love to have fun. We participate in the Intermountain District Ladies Retreat at Trininty Pines, where you can stay as a group in one of the camp lodges, or partner up and stay at the famous Ashley Inn in Cascade, Idaho. Throughout the year events that draw friendships together are planned: Ladies Tea at FmC, Deeper Conference for Ladies at Karcher Nazarene, BUNKO nights, Christmas Bazaar Tours, and much more. Including a regular ladies bible study on TUESDAY MORNINGS that meets just a couple of blocks down the street.

Where friendships are made.
Hanging out together.
Father Christmas
Quiet ocean


A Brotherhood of Men @ FmC

we are middleton church of the nazarene.

It doesn't matter who you are, how old you are, what you do for a living, or how you like to have fun--we all need to know that we have a brother that has got your back. This is a person that you can count on when you just need a little bit of help. At FmC we decided, that maybe a "brother" wasn't quite enough--we need a "BROTHERHOOD". Following in the steps of JESUS, gathering a small group of men around together, just like JESUS did with His dearest friends. Experiencing life, handling tragedy, raising boys to be young men, eradicating habbitual sin. You do not need to traverse these issues and more; without experience, without insight, or without opportunities. What if, you could count on the wisdom of the WORD of GOD, and on the knowledge of a brother that has either gone before you, or is experiencing similar issues in their life as well? The only way to play the game of FOOTBALL is with a TEAM. The same is true for LIFE. You need a TEAM, you need a BROTHERHOOD. Be sure to join Pastor Wink in the OVERFLOW ROOM every SUNDAY NIGHT at 6pm, were we join in the study of the WORD--then stay as long as you want, or as long as you are allowed, have a snack and watch the game.

Funny Guys
Ha ha ha. Wipeout!
Funny Guy
Wait. What?

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Family @ FmC

we are middleton church of the nazarene.

It is the duty of the church to assist its families in the protection of, and in the spiritual growth of, each member of the families that call FmC their home church. This is a long term commitment. We dedicate or baptize children into the this church body. When doing so, we as a church body are commiting to stand along side parents in solidarity, with the goal of raising Christ-like believers, and Christ-followers.

There are many activities that families can participate in with the entire church body. Of course, regular Sunday worship is of extreme importance into realizing the goal of raising our children to be Christ-Folowers. Also, every Labor Day weekend, we spend time camping at Trinity Pines in Cascade, Idaho. We play, waterski, hike, and ride, it is great fun. However, we are also led in meaningful and provoking times of spiritual growth as individual and corporate family groups.

Parade Time
Family Camp Church
Did You See, What I Just Saw?
Baptism is Beautiful

Playing the Main Stage
Church in Rwanda
Skatepark Concert
Worship at Family Camp

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"O Worship the King!
Ye Glories Above
Gratefully Sing
Of His Wonders and Love!"

"Here I Come to Worship
Here I Come to Bow Down
Here I Come to Say that
You Are my King!"

The most wonderful fact of our creation as men and women, as teens and tween, as boys and girls is this: WE WERE CREATED TO WORSHIP. No other creature on the earth has the burning desire to BELIEVE and to WORSHIP like the Human Being. We worship the Triune God, as GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON, and GOD the HOLY SPIRIT. GOD the CREATOR, GOD the WORD, and the BREATH of GOD. Worship is exciting, worship is joyful, worship is praise, worship is reverence, worship is humble, worship is corporate, and worship is personal. FillmyCup.Church does not dictate how the Believer Worships GOD. Your worship is between GOD and you, and it is designed by the HOLY SPIRIT that is in you--how do you know? Because the HOLY SPIRIT in you longs for your prayers, the scripture says that the prayers of the saints are like the smoke of ensense buring before the very Throne of God. As you worship in SONG, you pray. As you worship in the WORD, you pray. As you worship in offerings, you pray.

Join with our worship team, as together we lift up those prayers to the Throne Room of God!

Christmas Eve Service
Looks Like Someone Thought it was Ugly Sweater Day
The Path Less Taken
The Renewing Main Stage

Worship with the Cross
Christmas Concert Family Pic
Here I am to Worship
Family Worship

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Staff @ FmC

we are middleton church of the nazarene.

FillmyCup.Church is supported greatly by a host of volunteers. These godly people work with our children, our youth and in our adult minisiteries. They serve on our worship team, provide input and participate in worship services, as well as volunteer on our church board. The following are the staff that serve our church and Catalyst Learning Center and Daycare.

Rev. Mark Winkelman

Lead Pastor (2011)

Rev. Mark "Wink" Winkelman M.Ed.

Pastor Wink has previously served at Karcher Church of the Nazarene and Real-Life Community Church before coming to FillmyCup.Church. Having started as a bi-vocational pastor with the church, he continued his profession as a teacher until 2018. Pastor Wink Graduated from Oregon State University, received his graduate degree from Boise State University, and completed Pastoral training with the Nazarene Bible College. Pastor Wink shares his love of horses with his daughter, Leslie, and almost everywhere he goes his dog, Kleo, is right behind him.  (208) 899-0827

Rev. Sara Winkelman

Associate Pastor (2011)

Rev. Sara Winkelman M.Sw.

Pastor Sara has previously served at Karcher Church of the Nazarene and Castle Hills Church of the Nazarene. She is a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University earning both her bacholor and master's degrees at NNU. She is a Licensed Medical Social Worker (LMSW) in the Home Health Field. Pastor Sara received her pastoral training with the Nazarene Bible College. Sara also works as a therapist with Syringa Behavioral Health, as well as pastoral counseling. Mark and Sara have three grown children, Cameron, lives in New York City, Britain lives in Boise, as do Leslie and her husband Jimmie.  (208) 697-8467

Mrs. Tia Sinnett

Catalyst School Director (2016)

Mrs. Tia Sinnett

Tia's passion for her call to Direct our school and daycare, has resulted in one of the best daycares in the valley, at the same time implementing faith based education for our students. She also has experience working in the Middleton School District in special education. Tia is responsible for the rapid growth of our school as parents that visit can clearly see that she has a heart for children, and a desire for them to know Jesus. Michael and Tia have two daughters, Juliana, who lives in Ohio, and Kylee with her brother Mathew are in Middle School here in Middleton. The Sinnetts love the outdoors and love to camp as a family as long as their three dogs get to go too.  (208) 555-5555

Rev. Donald Moore

Pastor Emeritus (2018)

Rev. Donald Moore M.Ed.

Pastor Moore has served as the lead pastor in Homedale, then many years at New Creation Church of the Nazarene in Boise, and finally at Libby Church of the Nazarene in Libby, Montana. Upon retiring from Libby, Don and his wife Debbie moved to Middleton to be close to their daughter and her family. Logan and Leanna are two great kids, of whom Grandpa is very proud. Pastor Moore quickly became involved in the church, and his work is greatly appreciated. Don is a craftsman, if he is not at church, he is in his shop. He loves Bow Hunting, as well as Mountain Men gatherings and shooting ball and wad long rifles. Also, a lover of the outdoors, Pastor Don leads our church wide family camp, and our ministry, A Brotherhood of Men.  (208) 555-5555

Worship Leader

To Be Filled


Youth Leader

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Children's Leader

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we are middleton church of the nazarene.

Phillipians 4:6 -- "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God." In His Word, God has made it clear that He has a desire to know us, to know our needs, and to know our wants. This is not about an assurance of prosperity, simply because we have accepted the belief in Christ. In Joshua, God says: "I know the plans I have for you, plans for good, not for bad, plans to prosper." This message to us from God is a promise that God's intention for us is good, that one day we will prosper greatly as we enter into His kingdom. It is in these promises that we bring to God our petitions -- those needing healing, those with spiritual needs, engaged in spiritual warfare, and those needing the insistant proding of the Holy Spirit that they may know God.

It is our desire to bring your petitions to God with you. Prayer is a regular part of our worhsip, and we would love to pray for you and for your needs. Please make your petitions known to us, using the form below.


Every Wednesday Night at 7pm we meet together to pray. Your request is printed onto a card, first names only, prayer team members take up those cards and together pray over your need, or your praise. Use the form below to send to us your prayer need.

3 Concord Street Middleton, Idaho
PO BOX 120 Middleton, Idaho
Phone: 208.585.2202



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Family Life Courses

Prayer Meeting

Ladies Bible Study

Deeper Conference

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